Composite Doors


A composite door is made from a combination of materials, resulting in a stronger more secure door than if individual components were used alone. The materials work together to create a thicker, more robust and high-quality door. They are becoming increasingly popular in the UK because of their wood-grain finish which looks just as good as a traditional wooden door, however they are longer-lasting and much easier to maintain.

Weathering, colour fading, and constant maintenance are challenges that face traditional wooden doors. Composite doors were created specifically to address these issues and as a result, choosing a composite front door over wood or uPVC has several advantages. They are hard-wearing, cost-effective, secure and energy efficient, meaning you can save money, especially now energy costs are at an all-time high!

Every composite door we create at C-Thru Windows & Doors LTD is handcrafted to the customer's exact specifications for a flawless fit.

The composite door and frame are constructed as a set to guarantee that the door fits tightly in the frame and eliminates draughts. Providing strength, beauty and warmth, our composite doors are the ideal complement for your home.

Composite doors are a favourable option since they combine excellent design, aesthetics and security. A composite door is a superb all-around door that can resist all seasons and weather conditions while adding elegance and style to your home. Because of its structure and construction quality, you can count on it to keep your property safe.

We have a large selection of composite doors in a variety of colours, styles, and frames to choose from, so contact C-THRU WINDOWS, DOORS & CONSERVATORIES LTD today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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